Addendum to King of the World

Just a couple of short notes here which should add immeasurably to my appeal for nomination to the office of King of the World:

  1.  When I am so elected, I will address an error in judgment that has existed for centuries; that is, weekends are too short.  In order to remedy this egregious error, I will designate Saturday as three days of the week and leave Sunday where it now stands.  This means the so-called work week will be properly deflated to Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
  2. I have also realized that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s create anxiety and havoc by falling into a short span of time during the calendar year.  Thus, I will evenly space these significant holidays throughout the twelve months.  Additionally, I will make certain that the timing of these major periods of celebration occur at the beginning or end of the work week as noted above.  No more of this Christmas and New Year’s inconveniently occurring on Wednesday.
  3. P.S.  Although no elections have been designated just yet, don’t forget to vote (for me)!

8 thoughts on “Addendum to King of the World

  1. there is a glich because of the Masters. It starts on a thursday, following certain data.
    Are your talents great enough to change a National Playtime of a minority?


    • I can’t honestly claim magical powers, Roxanne. However, once I am King I will be able to bestow honors, degrees, and other accolades on those individuals in need of elevation. Don’t forget to vote~!

  2. Brilliant political platform. Could I suggest one more plank? Amend the Constitution so that all articles and other media coverage about how any given food is wonderful or terrible for our health are hereby prohibited. This will cause everyone to be much less anxious and thus healthier.

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