Rose-Pink or Meadow Beauty

Sabatia (2)Sabatia angularis—Rose-pink or Meadow Beauty:  This lovely wild flower is in bloom now flowering from August into September.  Although not very common, I have seen it in the past along Barrett Parkway between Stilesboro and Burnt Hickory Roads.  The recent road improvements (exactly how is land that has been cleared of all vegetation, flattened, and paved considered “improved”?) may have disrupted its presence. Sabatia (1)

It can be seen in the mountains in scattered locations alongside the roads in dry, rocky soils particularly in areas rich in limestone.  Varying in height from a few inches to a couple of feet, it usually occurs in irregular groups and its pink presence is a happy sighting.  (Completely unlike having Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes show up on your doorstep.)


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